2017 IBS Builders’ Show in Orlando, FL 


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A Special 2017 IBS Home

Over the last few years the Tiny Homes building industry is enjoying ever growing popularity with new ideas and structures demonstrating how to live smart in a small space. That’s why the iShow Home Experience was presenting a special Tiny Home Edition at the 2017 IBS Builders’ Show in Orlando, FL.

With about 360 SF of living area this Tiny Home features many FIRST TO THE FUTURE™ Home products and specs seen in our other FIRST TO THE FUTURE™ Homes . Our builder, Alabama Tiny Homes, specially designed this home for iShow Home Experience.

  • Location: Birmingham, AL

  • Built: 2016/2017

  • Builder Partner: Alabama Tiny Homes

  • Architect: Alabama Tiny Homes

  • Square Footage: 360

  • Bedrooms: 1 (Loft)

  • Baths: 1

  • Stories: 1

  • Heat: High Efficient Ductless Heatpump

  • Interior: Cypress Wood Paneling

  • Exterior: Fiber Cement Siding

Alabama Tiny Homes

Owner/Engineer James Brewer has been in construction for over 20 years and has recently made the leap into the tiny home spectrum of construction.  His personal experienced of living tiny and the sudden popularity of the tiny house movement has given him the passion and drive to take peoples’ dreams and turn them into a reality! www.altinyhomes.com


This home features the latest in energy efficient standards, from a building envelope that is insulated by spray foam, windows and doors that are impact resistant and a high tech, hurricane resistant metal roof.


With a solar hot water heater, combined with a tankless backup water heater, and a super-efficient ductless inverter HVAC, this home can run on minimum external power.

To live in good health and comfort, this home features an air exchange unit (ERV) with ultra-quiet exhaust fans. To minimize water consumptions, the home is equipped with an ultra-low flow toilet and the kitchen faucet features filtered cold water for all the drinking and cooking needs.

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Construction Highlights:​

  • Foundation: Steel Frame

  • Walls System: Wood Frame

  • Floor System: Wood Flooring

  • Roof System: Storm Resistant Metal Roof Shingles

  • Insulation: Sprayfoam

  • Impact Resistant Windows

  • Solar Hot Water System with  Tankless On Demand Heat



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