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Coral Smart Pool Guard

Introducing Coral Smart Pool Guard - The world’s first and only computer vision based drowning detection system for swimming pools. It uses a unique built-in underwater video camera and advanced artificial intelligence technology to track people and objects in the pool in real time.  Whenever it identifies a near drowning event , it instantly generates an alarm through the in-home alarm unit and on the user's smartphone. 


Existing pool safety devices such as fences, pool covers or mechanical alarms  merely attempt to prevent unauthorized access to the pool and become useless when the pool is in use.  Coral Smart Pool Guard is designed to give you peace of mind when you use your pool. The system consists of a pool unit, an in-home alarm unit, and a smartphone app. It monitors the pool 24/7, tracks all users/objects in the pool, analyzes the real time video it captures from the underwater camera, proactively detects risk of drowning and sends out escalating levels of alerts if a near drowning event is identified. 


Coral Smart Pool Guard - a must-have for every swimming pool! 


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