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S1-100 D’MAND KONTROL® & Bluetooth LED Activators

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Electronic technology has gained traction in the plumbing industry. The ACT, Inc. D’MAND KONTROLS® Systems and STRUCTURED PLUMBING® have combined to create a sustainable hot water distribution system. This First to the Future built home incorporates LED indicator and motion sensors that allow the hot water flow on the home owners demand. There is no need to let water run down the drain and be wasted while waiting for hot water. Instead, with the push of a button or wave to a motion sensor, hot water can be ready in less than 5 seconds. The LED lights indicate when how water is available throughout the home. There is now an APP that can be downloaded to the homeowner’s phone that will allow the system to be activated from anywhere in their home. This allows the homeowner complete control of their hot water needs and requirements. This patented American made technology will save both water and energy but most importantly add convenience to the homeowners. We here at ACT, Inc. D’MAND KONTROLS® Systems have been creating new electronic hot water distribution systems for over 25 years and are the leader in sustainable technology in North America. 

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