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OceanView® Impact-Resistant Windows

OceanView® Impact-Resistant Windows

After witnessing the catastrophic toll that extreme storms can have on the housing market, Viwinco decided to heavily invest their time and resources to develop a product of the future that could withstand the harshest of weather conditions. After years of research, adding in-house laminating and tempering lines and countless tests run in our on-site research facility, the OceanView® impact resistant line was created.


Our OceanView® windows are put through a series of rigorous in-house simulations to mimic conditions similar to that of a hurricane. First a 2x4 is launched out of a cannon to test impact resistance, followed by a series of extreme positive and negative wind cycles. Upon passing our internal testing, the windows are then tested by Architectural Testing to ensure they meet hurricane resistant requirements.


In addition to our OceanView® line’s impressive hurricane resistant ratings, there are also a number of additional added benefits. The combination of the low-e and laminated glass cut down almost all UV light while still allowing the entry of visible light. The combination of laminated glass, stainless-steel, low conductance spacer, and an argon gas fill contribute to a significant reduction in sound transmission. OceanView® products are also built with top-of-the-line stainless steel components which increase the structural integrity and durability of the unit.


In 2011, a home fitted with our OceanView® line was awarded by the Institute for Business and Home Safety (IBHS) – one of the highest natural disaster protection awards - the FORTIFIED for Existing Homes™ Hurricane Resistance Gold Designation.


Our ability to control the source allows for us to maintain an industry-leading lead time while ensuring top-quality across all Viwinco products. Backed by a premium lifetime warranty our OceanView® line is guaranteed to Impress the Weather.

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