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Exterior Entry Doors

Signature Door Inc., began as an idea to manufacture a quality, affordable wood door in the United States.  Since its humble beginning in 1989 until now, Signature Door has maintained a solid reputation in the home building industry for custom, quality, affordable wood doors as well as decorative glass panels.  After the devastating events of Hurricane Andrew led to new building codes in Florida, CEO Dennis Nixon, Sr., saw the demand for and the opportunity to produce custom quality, hurricane-rated, wood doors thus expanding the company's focus and furthering its success in the industry.  Knowing the capabilities of the employees and seeking the highest standard, the Signature Door management team set out and succeeded in building a series of door units that passed the highest hurricane code requirements in the nation at the time, Miami-Dade County.  Over the years, the hurricane building codes in each state have continued to evolve and Signature Door remains a leader in the custom wood door industry. Though having experienced fraudulent use and piracy of our testing data and our company name, Signature Door remains committed to expanding our capabilities and offerings as we see a need and a demand in the market. 

Following the saying "if you want it done right, you should do it yourself", Signature Door has brought more manufacturing capabilities to our facility in Western Pennsylvania, not only bettering quality control and shortening lead times, but adding additional jobs as well.  Made in the U.S.A., isn't just a slogan for us, it’s what we are! Signature Door is proud to be partnering with Ty Pennington and manufacturing the primary exterior door unit for this FIRST TO THE FUTURE™ home. 

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