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For 25 years, Panasonic has developed innovative solutions that promote better indoor air quality and healthy home building. On their mission to help home builders and installers meet code, they are enabling green builders to design beyond code to comply with the nation’s strictest green building standards.  Now we know why Panasonic engineers its fans to perform beyond the minimum 0.1” and 0.25” static pressure benchmarks. All its ECM-motored fans are tested to overcome static pressure at the 0.375” level, more common on typical installations.

Their legendary ECM motor with SmartFlow technology provides optimum CFM output regardless of complicated duct runs, expelling unhealthy air and moisture quickly. This helps builders meet code and deliver healthy homes. Pick-A-Flow airflow selector lets you choose the CFM required to handle the job, ranging from 50-150 CFM depending on the model, giving you control over the home’s indoor air quality.

That’s Panasonic precision ventilation. Builders get the CFM rating they need and genuine installed performance. Backed by field-verified results, builders say Panasonic IAQ solutions help simplify design and installation, comply with green building codes and standards, and reduce callbacks.





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