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Algarve Motorized Louver Structure

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Renson Algarve by Skyco - Protection from sun, wind, bugs, and rain:  You can enjoy outdoor living all year round… as long as you have protection, whenever you may need it, from the blazing sun, a chilly wind or an unexpected downpour. And that's exactly what you get with a Renson Algarve terrace covering from Skyco Shading Systems, whether it's in a freestanding or lean-to version or integrated into an existing roof structure. Thanks to the tilting louvre blades in the roof, you can let in just the right amount of sun. And if the heavens open, these can of course, be closed completely, at which point the rainwater will be channeled laterally into the drainpipes integrated into the columns. The new generation of Algarve terrace coverings can even be customized, not only with screens, but also with glass or Loggia sliding panels that offer protection from the wind.

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