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Electric Mirror Products at CES

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Savvy™ Home SmartMirror™
Make the most of every day with the Savvy SmartMirror.
Check the time, the weather, and the traffic. Review your email, your schedule, and your account balances. Get updates on the news, your friends and your health. Enjoy your favorite music, movies, and sports. Even control your lights, your thermostat, and your security system. The Savvy™ SmartMirror™ lets you do all this and more, making your day easier and your life better. Which, of course, says a lot about how smart you are for using it.

Download unlimited apps to your Savvy SmartMirror.
From home automation leaders like Nest and Control 4, to social media mainstays such as Twitter and Instagram, to music and entertainment favorites like Spotify and Netflix, you can download virtually any app. Install as many as you like, and link your favorites to the Savvy dashboard icons so they’re never more than a touch away.

Make any room smarter with the Savvy SmartMirror.
We make it easy to design the perfect Savvy for any room in your home – your office, your bathroom, your living area, even your entryway. Choose a back-lit, or non-lit mirror. Choose the size that best fits your space. Choose a horizontal or vertical orientation. Even choose your lighting pattern.  Only Savvy offers you this smart of an approach to SmartMirrors.


Eclipse™ TV Cover
With Eclipse, you can hide the ordinary and reflect the extraordinary.
The Eclipse™ TV Cover lets you replace the look of technology with elegance. The sleek, modern mirror easily transforms your flat-screen TV into beautiful room décor, creating a timeless look for your TV, and magnifying and reflecting the luxury of the surrounding space. 

Eclipse offers a fantastic TV viewing experience.
Eclipse offers a TV viewing experience equal with that of a standard HDTV. When the TV is on, our innovative and proprietary Iris® mirror glass ensures a premium viewing experience with a bright, clear image and reduced glare. When the TV is off, it virtually vanishes, leaving only a subtle, faint outline of the TV perimeter that may be noticeable when very close.


Eclipse makes it easy to upgrade your room.
Eclipse offers a fast, affordable and elegant way to create a more refined room and an enhanced experience. It’s easy and quick to install, and the universal design accommodates virtually all standard flat-screen TVs.

Northstar™ Waterproof TV
Let Northstar® point the way toward endless relaxation and entertainment possibilities. With its modern design, high-definition screen, and waterproof construction, taking a warm, soothing soak while watching your favorite movie or TV show is the ultimate experience in luxury. Northstar is also an ideal solution for kitchen environments. Its splash-proof design ensures you’ll never have to miss a show while creating a menu of culinary delights.

Ascension™ Mirrored Cabinet
Combining a streamlined design and ascending vertical lighting pattern with Keen™ SmartDim™ technology, the Ascension™ Mirrored Cabinet brings incredible versatility and style to any bathroom.



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